Why every woman should have a makeup lesson!

Makeup Lesson Brushes

I firmly believe every woman should have a Makeup Lesson at least once in her lifetime…

Here are 8 great reasons why:

1. It will give you a massive confidence boost!!!

2. If you have a special occasion coming up it will give you the tools to ensure you look your very best.

3. It will make you realise that you CAN look really good every day, no exceptions (even when you’re exhausted!)

4. It will keep you bang up to date with the latest makeup trends.

5. You will stop wasting money on all the wrong makeup products and you will only invest in a few key products.

6. You will save precious time every day as you will know exactly what techniques to use to look fabulous.

7. You could buy someone you LOVE the amazing gift of a makeup lesson, boosting their confidence too!

8. You could do a makeup lesson with a friend or group of friends – all learning a new skill together in a friendly environment, having fun!

Click here to learn more about the different types of makeup lessons available.

Mel x

Stop comparing yourself ladies


OMG I LOVE this quote!!!

Isn’t it true?  That horrible feeling in your gut when you compare yourself to another woman and feel deflated and disappointed… yuk!

Whether it’s their house, car, money or the way they look that we envy, it’s a total waste of time wishing we were in their shoes.  Freckles, curly hair, pale skin, even wrinkles – let’s accept them and learn to love what we’ve got and who we are!

Mel x

Essential Wedding Makeup Touch Up Tips

Wedding Makeup

Once you’ve had your wedding makeup trial with your makeup artist, you can relax a bit

and enjoy feeling reassured that not only have you got one less job to do (ie finding a good makeup artist), you also know your makeup is going to look fabulous and stay on all day!

But don’t forget to ask your makeup artist:

“what products will I need on my wedding for touching up my makeup?”.

Although of course your makeup should stay on for most of the day, by the evening you will probably want to have a freshen up and apply a little more makeup. As a professional wedding makeup artist, I tell my clients that the 3 essential items are:

1) concealer 2) blusher 3) lipstick

1) Concealer: a light reflecting concealer such as Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer is fabulous for not only covering up any darkness under the eyes. When applied to the rest of the face (across the cheeks / forehead and around the mouth), it freshens and illuminates your whole face.

2) Blusher: is one of the first things to dissapear on the skin and there’s nothing that brightens the complexion more than a flush of colour. A favourite of mine is Laura Mercier’s Cream Blusher in Oleander for a pretty, subtle bridal look.

3) Lipstick: after all those celebratory kisses and a couple of glasses of champagne, even the most well applied lipstick may have rubbed off by the evening. This is particularly true of sheer lipsticks and lipglosses. Apply a nude lipliner under your lipstick to help it stay on as long as possible.

Ask your Makeup Artist to give you the names of exact makeup products she/he used at your trial and where you can buy them well in advance.

To book a wedding makeup trial in the Harrogate, Leeds or North Yorkshire area contact me at info@melenglandmakeup.com.

Mel x