Bridal Makeup Sculpting Tips

All brides want to look their most beautiful on their wedding day and one sure way to make your makeup “pop” is to use some simple sculpting techniques.

Here are my top tips!


  • A darker, matt colour than your skintone will recess the hollow of your cheekbones giving you more definition
  • Use a matt powder bronzer
  • Or use a more flattering cream texture if you’re over 40
  • Don’t go too bronzey! Choose a cooler shade which will look more natural
  • Apply into the hollow of the cheekbone and blend upwards


  • Use a slight shimmer or glossy texture – nothing too glittery
  • Apply to the highest part of the cheekbones
  • Also apply to the nose and cupids bow or even below the brow bone
  • The lighter, shimmery colour will make the top of your cheekbones “pop” making them stand out more
  • As you turn your head in different lights, others will notice how pretty your cheeks look!

Get sculpting!

Mel x

Embrace your uniqueness

Nobody is perfect… Not even the models who’s airbrushed images we are bombarded with in magazines are perfect. We all have flaws and insecurities.  It has taken me until I hit my 40’s to really embrace my uniqueness and to love the face I was born with.  Yes there are things I could get hung up about but there are also things I really appreciate and being healthy and happy are much more important than perfect appearance.

The very thing that makes women beautiful is often not the shape of their nose or the size of their eyes.  It’s about being authentic and fun and kind and compassionate to others.  We’ve all seen them.  Those women who walk with pride as they walk down the street that we can’t take our eyes off.  It’s often not their outward beauty that we feel attracted to, it’s their inner strength and self confidence.

Working as a Professional Makeup Artist, some people may feel that I’m all about perfection.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I’m all about empowering women to feel their very best so that they can go into their daily lives feeling amazing.  I run makeup lessons and makeup courses for women to learn the tricks of the trade so that they can use makeup to their advantage, while embracing their uniqueness and individuality.

Mel x