Anti Ageing Makeup – My Top 4 Tips

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There are times in a woman’s life when it’s important to adapt and change with the times.

For women over 50, lots of things start to change. Skin, eyes and hair colours may start to cool down, grey hair may well have started to appear. Wrinkles and fine lines will be more established. Changes to the texture of skin can start to set in and lips and eyebrows can appear a little thinner.

I believe it is hugely important to accept these changes and to continue to love the face and body we have been blessed with. But there are definitely some small changes women can make to their makeup routine, which will boost the skins radiance and flatter the face so much more, with a little know how.

My Top 4 Makeup Tips for Mature Skin:

laura mercier tinted moisturiser


It’s so important to get your skin looking as good as possible. Use a radiance boosting primer/foundation – avoid heavy, drying foundations and opt for dewy, lightweight tinted moisturisers and foundations such as: Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturiser. Add a little highlighter such as: Becca’s Skin Perfector to your foundation (just mix the two together) to add luminosity.

This is the time to make sure you do define your eyes clinique lid smoothiewith a little eye colour, as the eyes lose some of their definition and contouring as we mature. Try using a cream texture and make sure you choose a colour that compliments your hair, skin and eyes. If you’re unsure, go for a soft grey. Something like: Clinique’s Lid Smoothie in “Currant”. A small amount of grey or brown eyeliner smudged along the top and bottom of the eye will also add much needed definition.

One of the simplest and most effective changes to make to your makeup routine is to opt for cream products rather than powders. This will immediately make the skin appear much more youthful and radiant. There are some gorgeous textures on the market now that are radiance boosting and look very natural and flattering. Some of my favourites are: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge (Powder Pink) and Laura Mercier’s Creme Cheek Mature Makeup Lessons Harrogate(in Oleander).

Having thin, sparse eyebrows can be really ageing. Lots of mature women I teach makeup to explain how they overplucked the eyebrows in their youth (when it was really fashionable to have thin brows). Just filling them in even a little bit, gives the face has much more structure and definition. The trick is to go for a soft colour, nothing too harsh or severe. I love: Laura Mercier’s Eyebrow Pencil (in Ash Blonde).

For lots more help and advice with your makeup, please contact Mel England to book one of her one-on-one Mature Makeup Lessons Harrogate, Ripon, Leeds, North Yorkshire.

Mel x

6 Best Wedding Venues in North Yorkshire

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As a Professional Makeup Artist specialising in Bridal and Wedding Makeup I have had the pleasure of being involved in some gorgeous weddings at some stunning venues. Choosing a venue for your wedding is probably the most important decision you’ll make as it pretty much defines your whole wedding day.

Yorkshire is one of the most beautiful counties in the country (if not THE most beautiful!)
So we are blessed with a plethora of gorgeous options when it comes to hotels and other wedding venues.

Here are some of my favourites:

Rudding Park
Rudding Park Logo100x100Best UK Hotel outside London – TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards 2015.  Award winning Rudding Park is one of the most beautiful Harrogate hotels. A privately owned AA 4 Red Star hotel and spa with a gym, private cinema, 2 AA Rosette Clocktower restaurant and 18 hole parkland golf course. Set amongst beautiful landscaped gardens and woodland, Rudding Park is one of the most relaxing Harrogate hotels within easy access of both York and Leeds.

The Devonshire Arms
Devonshire Arms LogoAt The Devonshire Arms Hotel and Spa, one of the most picturesque wedding venues in North Yorkshire, ‘stylish’ means a magnificent setting, attention to detail and friendly, unobtrusive service. They will help in every way we can to make your occasion distinctive, momentous and most importantly of all, enjoyable for you and your family and friends.

Allerton Castle
Allerton Castle Logo Makeup Artist RiponOne of England’s most elegant and important gothic revival stately home, built by The Lord Mowbray, Segrave and Stourton, the premier Baron of England as a monumental statement of his position within the English aristocracy. Enter into its time capsule and go back into the ambience of an earlier period. Steeped in English history, in the 18th century the property was owned by Prince Frederick (the Grand Old Duke of York), brother to King George IV.

The Devonshire Fell
Devonshire Fell LogoStunning unique boutique hideaway is the perfect exclusive use venue for your wedding. For those of you interested in holding your special day in a luxurious boutique hotel in Yorkshire, the hotel holds only one wedding per day so you’re sure to be the centre of attention on your very special day.

The Swan Hotel, Harrogate
Old Swan Hotel Logo100x100The Old Swan is one of the most famous hotels in Harrogate, Yorkshire, with a history going back nearly 200 years. Surrounded by picturesque lawns and gardens, and just a short walk from the town centre and the Harrogate International Centre, it combines Victorian splendour with contemporary luxury.

The Crown Hotel, Harrogate
Crown Hotel LogoThere are hotels that provide you with a good location, some that are full of history, some that are situated in beautiful surroundings, some with good conference facilities but how many hotels offer all these? Harrogate is blessed with one such establishment. The 300 year old Crown Hotel is perfectly placed to please all these demands and more.

Ripley Castle
Ripley Castle Logo300x100Ripley Castle and Gardens, situated 3 miles from Harrogate in North Yorkshire on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, is an historic attraction open to the public all year round and makes for a fascinating and entertaining day out, in a beautiful location.

Good Luck with choosing the perfect location for your wedding in 2015/2016! I hope my Blog has been helpful. For more information about my services as a Makeup Artist & Tutor specialising in Bridal and Wedding Makeup please feel free to email me at

Best wishes,
Mel x

Makeup Artist Ripon, Harrogate, Leeds & the North Yorkshire area.

Confused about choosing the right foundation?

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My name is Mel England and I am a Freelance Professional Makeup Artist covering the Harrogate and North Yorkshire area.

It can be quite tricky to find the right foundation to suit all your needs… one that has the right amount of coverage and crucially is the correct colour.  But there are a few other things to consider too.

The first 3 things to think about are:

  1. Skin Type (do you have oily, combination or dry skin?)
    The answer to this question will determine whether you go for a matte or dewy foundation.  If you tend to have a shiny forehead and nose, then you may well be oily/combination, in which case it’s best to go for a matte foundation such as Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation. If you tend to have slightly drier skin then it’s best to choose a dewy foundation such as Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation.
  2. Skin undertone (do you have a warm or cool undertone to your skin?)
    It might not always be obvious whether you have a cool or warm undertone.  One of the best ways to decide is to think about how well your skin tans.  If you don’t tan easily and you burn if you’re not careful then you most likely have a cool (pink) undertone.  However if you tan well and rarely burn you most probably have a warm (yellow) undertone.
  3. Do you have any blemishes or pigmentation / age spots?
    If you have any of the above then you have an uneven skin tone you will probably want to choose a fuller coverage foundation. However I would suggest you resist from applying too heavy a foundation and instead use a heavy duty concealer such as Vichy Dermablend’s Corrective Foundation to cover up any stubborn blemishes or marks.  If you have a clear complexion stick to a tinted moisturiser such as Laura Mercier’s Award Winning Tinted Moisturiser.

freelance professional makeup artist harrogate (healthy mix)Foundation ImageFoundation Image2

Question: How do I choose the right colour foundation?

      • Always try before you buy
      • Don’t be rushed into buying anything and check yourself in natural light
      • Don’t test the colour on your hand!  The chin is the best place as it is inbetween your face and neck.
      • If the foundation disappears into your skin, it’s the perfect colour!  If not, it may be too dark, too light or the wrong undertone, so be patient and try a few more.
      • If you have the correct colour you won’t get the dreaded tide mark around the jawline.

TOP TIP: Buy 2 foundations two shades apart (for example buy Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 51 & 53 and mix together to create 52) so that you have the right shades for your skin throughout the different seasons of the year.

Question: Should I apply foundation with a brush or my fingers?

Honestly, either are fine although as a Professional Makeup Artist I do tend to use brushes when working on clients.  If you are using your fingers just make sure you really do blend well and pat the foundation well into the skin.  If you are new to buying brushes, start with something like the No. 7 Foundation Brush which is great value and a lovely shape.

Question: Where do I apply foundation?

Think about where you need the most coverage (it’s usually around the nose area where there tends to be some redness) and start there.  Then blend outwards so that by the time you get to the jaw and hariline there should be hardly any foundation left.

Finally for a flawless finish, either gently sweep over a little powder such as Ariane Poole’s Invisible Blotting Powder. Or apply a little bit of highlighter on the top of the cheekbones, such as Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector for a luminous finish.

I hope that’s helped you feel more confident in future when choosing your next foundation!

For lots more Makeup Tips, check out my Blog.
Thanks for reading…

Mel England x
Freelance Professional Makeup Artist Harrogate

(& Tutor Covering the North Yorkshire Area)

5 Quick Ways To Feel Good!

makeup lesson harrogate

Every woman has the odd slump where she feels at a low ebb, or needs a quick confidence boost.

I know I do! And lots of my clients do too…

5 Quick Ways To Feel Good:

Makeup Lessons

1. Have a Makeup Lesson

Many women get really stuck in a rut with their Makeup and don’t know where to turn. Which is why I offer Makeup Lessons either one-on-one or in groups. I love the way my clients feel so much more empowered after one of my lessons where they learn lots of easy techniques and tricks of the trade. Makeup Lessons are also great as a gift for a woman in your life who is need of a much needed confidence boost.  Check out my website for more information on:

Personal Stylist Keri Whitaker600x300

2. Treat yourself to a session with Personal Stylist / Personal Shopper

I can highly recommend Thimble & Thread based in Harrogate  Keri Bailey is a lovely, warm lady who genuinely loves helping women of all ages learn what clothes suit their body shape, how to put outfits together and how to accessorise.  She can also help you organise your wardrobe. And she offers a Personal Shopping service which is good fun and in the end saves you money from all those expensive shopping mistakes.

Kimberley Ellis Hair

3. Have a Really Good Haircut

A good haircut can make you feel soooo much more human! When you’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps there’s nothing better than having a really good hair cut (and even better if you have a colour refresh at the same time!) I work with a fantastic Harrogate hairdresser, Kim Louise Ellis who as well as cuts and colour also specialises in Special Occasions and Wedding Hair. You can contact Kim via

Shana Harrison

4. Book An Eyelash Lift

I recently had an LVL Lash Lift on my eyelashes by Shana Harrison which I am now completely addicted to! This treatment lifts your lashes from the roots straight up which makes them look incredibly long & full without the need to use eyelash curlers or even mascara.  Check out this video of Lisa Eldridge having the treatment done: Lisa Eldridge Video LVL Lash Lift for more information on how it works.  This treatment is available in Harrogate via Shana Harrison, check her out on:

Kristen McKenzie5. Treat Yourself To A Pampering Massage

One of the best ways to put life and all of it’s ups and downs into perspective is to treat yourself to a lovely, relaxing massage. About a year ago I was getting constant headaches, so I booked a weekly session with wonderful Harrogate Massage Therapist, Kristen B McKenzie.  Those massages made such a difference to my feeling of wellbeing and I highly recommend anyone who is feeling the pressure of daily life, go and treat yourself to a session with Kristen via:

And all of these lovely women love helping other women!  How cool is that?

Mel x