My new favourite tanning product

I have fairly pale skin, which on the whole I’m very happy with, but at this time of year I am sooo pale naturally that I can look a little translucent.  So I usually apply a little bit of tinted mousse which washes off in the shower (my fave has been No. 7 Self Tan Mousse).  However I have recently tried another tanning product which is amazing as it goes on like a tinted mousse then develops and stays put for 7 days streak free.

It’s the Skinny Tan Mousse – which is getting amazing reviews all over the world after being on Dragon’s Den.

I think it’s probably the best Self Tan I’ve ever used – it glides on beautifully, is made with natural ingredients, smells of coconuts and lasts for approx 7 days! Amazing! Check their website out here:

tanning image

Obviously using a self tanning product will effect the colour of foundation you need to use so ideally you will need to use a darker shade.  However if you don’t have one, apply plenty of bronzer to the cheeks, forehead and across the bridge of the nose (something like the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder would be perfect).

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Wedding Makeup Artist’s – Tips

Choosing a wedding makeup artist?

Having your makeup applied by a professional wedding makeup artist on your wedding day will help you achieve flawless and long lasting makeup both on and off camera. You will also be able to relax and enjoy your wedding morning, feeling stress-free and leaving the important job of making you look the best you have ever looked, in the hands of a professional.

Selecting a makeup artist from google or from a recommendation is the first step, but that is only the beginning of a longer process.  Your pre-wedding makeup trial is a collaboration between the bride and the makeup artist and in my experience good communication is THE most important part to ensure a successful outcome.

clare englandCompress 10376948_665862436853822_7680452628076074097_nGoldsborough-Hall-01420150721_112154






Some brides to be don’t have a clear idea of what makeup they would like and ask me to do what I think is best, others have a clear vision of what they would like and in this case I find that asking the right questions is really important.  Words aren’t always the most effective way of expressing their vision (for example one persons ‘natural’ may be another persons ‘dramatic’) so this is where photos are really important.  I also send my clients a questionnaire to complete prior to the trial and I ask my clients to wear their ‘going out’ makeup to their trial so that I can see what level they are used to.

Wedding Makeup Harrogate



  • Wear a white/light coloured top to your trial to help replicate the effect of your wedding dress.
  • You will need good natural light so if the makeup artist is coming to your home for the trial, ideally you need to be near a window.
  • I find it vital that my client is at eye level so I usually bring a makeup artists chair with me.
  • The makeup artist will need to lay out quite a lot of makeup out so a table nearby is very useful.
  • Try to have a facial about a week before your wedding day (and trial if possible).
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly before your trial and wedding day.
  • Wear your ‘going out’ makeup for your trial so that the makeup artist can see what level and style of makeup you are used to.
  • Make sure you have a fake tan trial before your big day if you decide to have one.
  • Get a professional to do your eyebrows before your wedding day (and trial if possible).
  • Take lots of magazine cut outs of makeup you think you would like on your wedding day or save lots of photos on your phone or iPad so that they are ready to show the makeup artist.


What brands of makeup will the makeup artist use?

I personally use lots of different makeup brands. Over the years I’ve worked with lots of different makeup and I pride myself on selecting the best of the best from each brand. Some are expensive luxury brands and some are cheaper drug store brands but either way, I only ever use them because I truly believe they are the best at doing the job in hand. They include: Mac, Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, Dior, Laura Mercier, Ariane Poole, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Rimmel, Jemma Kidd, Daniel Sandler, Bourjois.  Check with your makeup artist and if you have a favourite product, feel free to ask her/him to use it.

Touch ups on your wedding day

Your wedding makeup artist should make detailed notes after the trial so that they know exactly what they are doing on your wedding day and they should recommend which products you should have with you on your wedding day.  I always suggest a minimum of concealer, blusher and lipstick.  The makeup should be long lasting so there should be no need to re-apply foundation or eye makeup.

11202835_10101152470567153_3753845516860179199_o resized

Quiet time for you on your wedding day

If possible try to have a bit of quiet time for yourself while you are having your makeup done on your wedding day, perhaps delegate any jobs to your family or bridesmaids and try as best you can to leave your phone out of sight so that you can enjoy the experience and get the best results on the day.

Good luck choosing a great wedding makeup artist and I hope you found my tips for making it a great working relationship helpful!

Best wishes,
Mel England – Freelance Makeup Artist

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Spring Makeup & Hair Ideas

Spring Makeup

I have just got back from a lovely trip to Amsterdam and there is definitely a hint of Spring in the air… finally!  The daffodils and crocuses are peeking through and there is a stronger warmth in the sun, when it does decide to show it’s face.  So, what does that mean? Spring makeup! 🙂

spring blossom

We are slowly moving away from the darker shades that dominated Autumn and Winter, I’m sure you will have noticed that the shops are full of spring colours and lighter fabrics too.

gold eyeshadow

Spring makeup is all about corals, pinks and golds.  And a big trend for 2016 is ‘Sunset Eyes’ which basically means pastel colours on the eyes – for this you could use a blusher palette  – for example a lovely coral blusher all over the eyelid would be perfect.  For more information on 2016 makeup trends click here.


Eye Makeup

spring makeupHow to achieve this lovely Spring eye makeup in 6 easy steps:

  1. Apply an eye primer all over the eye area
  2. Apply gold eyeshadow all over the lid using a flat eyeshadow brush
  3. Apply a dark brown eyeshadow into the crease using a small blending brush and apply a little bit to the outer corner of the lid
  4. Apply a black eyeliner close to the lashes
  5. Using a large fluffy eyeshadow brush or a small cheek brush, sweep a coral/pink blusher above the crease & a little bit under the eye towards the outer corner
  6. Apply lots of black mascara

Worried you can’t achieve this on your own? Help is at hand with my makeup lessons and wedding makeup service.

black eyeliner


Spring Hair Styles

What to do with your hair for Spring? Check out these pics from the latest fashion shows which feature fringes, braids and twists!

spring hair

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to changing my look a bit for Spring… I’ve just ordered myself some wedges online in anticipation for some less chilly weather and I’m loving all the bohemian, fringed clothes that are in the shops at the moment.

I think the reason I love Spring so much is that my colours are Clear, Spring so I suit warm, fresh, clear/bright colours.  Do you know what your colours are?  If not, check out my blog on having your colours done (a service I provide – see more here).

Have a lovely Spring!

Best wishes,

Mel x

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Colour Analysis – what’s it all about?

Colour Analysis Knaresborough

The colours you wear can have a big impact on how you look and feel.  Discovering what colours suit you and why can give you that WOW factor and make you look healthier, more vibrant and younger.

I trained with Colour Me Beautiful nearly 20 years ago (scary!) and although I have since become a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist, I still offer my clients a Colour Analysis service as I think it is really important to know what colours suit you and make you look young, vibrant and healthy.

So what is colour analysis all about?

By looking at the way your skin tone, eyes and hair colour work together.

When the colours you are wearing are wrong:

  • There are dark or coloured shadows around your neck, chin and mouth
  • You look tired and drained and under eye shadows become enhanced
  • Your complexion looks uneven in colour and blemishes appear enhanced
  • The colour stands out more than you (people see the clothes before you!)

When the colours you are wearing are right:

  • Your skin appears smoother, fresher and younger
  • Lines and blemishes are minimised
  • Your eye colour is enhanced
  • You notice YOU more than the colour
  • The clothes you are wearing look expensive (even if they are not!)

First of all I determine whether you have a warm or cool undertone and what your ‘dominant colouring’ is.  The 5 colour types are: deep, warm, soft, cool, clear and light.

You then receive a personalised wallet containing 36 fabric swatches and colour combination tips to take with you for future shopping trips so you will always know which colours to wear.


Here is a lovely testimonial I received last week from a client called Amanda who had a Colour Analysis session with me.  She was also having a wardrobe clear out and a shopping trip with Personal Stylist Keri Bailey.

“Hi Mel thank you for the very inspiring session yesterday. I loved it! I felt totally empowered to go and try new things on… And took the risk and bought a few items which can be returned within 28 days if they don’t suit me. (Pics to follow). I’ve taken risks sailing across oceans but never taken any risk with colours and clothes. It was a first! A Big change for me and I’m very grateful for your support, insight and knowledge which catalysed this process.

Soft and warmest wishes – Amanda”

Colour Analysis Knaresborough, Harrogate, Ripon, Leeds and North Yorkshire.

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Thanks for reading!

Mel x

Quick 5 minute makeup

I know lots of busy mums tell me they don’t have time to spend ages doing their makeup in the morning… so I thought I’d do a really quick step by step makeup guide for 5 minute makeup in 8 easy steps!

Step 1:
Cleanse, tone & moisturise to prep your skin for makeup.

makeup artist based in harrogate - cleanser












Step 2:
Apply a light foundation with fingers for speed (I like Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum or Erborian CC Cream). Concentrate on the centre of the face – less product on the outer part of the face. If you worry about how to choose the right colour foundation, check out my blog “How to choose the right foundation” from last year by clicking here.

freelance professional makeup artist harrogate (healthy mix)









Step 3:
Sweep a concealer pen under your eyes and dot onto any spots/blemished/pigmentation you may have (try something like Ariane Poole’s Mineral Illuminating Concealer).

Makeup Lesson Harrogate









Step 4:
Using your fingers apply a cream eyeshadow all over the lid and slightly into the crease of the eye – don’t worry about being really precise, these are so easy to use, they blend immediately and require no skill whatsoever.  Go for a brown / gold / beige tone (my favourites are Mac’s Paint Pots in ‘Groundwork’ & ‘Painterly’).

mac paint pot







Step 5:
Curl your lashes! I know it may seem like an unnecessary time waster but honestly it will make the world of difference and only takes a few seconds.

makeup artist knaresborough









Step 6:
Apply mascara – for speed focus on the top lashes – leave your bottom lashes free of makeup for a more natural look.










Step 7:
Sweep a little bit of blusher across the apples of the cheeks with a soft brush – go for a universal colour that suits all skin types such as Nars Blush in ‘Orgasm’.










Step 8:
Finally for a super quick but groomed finish to your 5 minute makeup routine, apply a slick of lip balm/lipstick.  Opt for something easy that requires no messing around like the Clinique Chubby Sticks – my favourite colours are Heaping Hazelnut and Woppin’ Watermelon.








That’s it!!! I hope you can see how great a quick makeup routine can look!  We all deserve 5 minutes in the morning to put on some makeup to face the day, even if we have little ones wanting our attention or a mega busy work life.  This is so achievable and will help you look and feel a million dollars.

Mel x

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10 Biggest Makeup Trends for 2016

So it’s nearly the end of January 2016 already and Christmas and New Year are very much behind us. Perhaps you’re already thinking about your summer holidays and getting excited about the possibilities ahead for 2016.

I have been doing my research and wanted to fill you in on the top 10 BIGGEST MAKEUP TRENDS FOR 2016.  Some are carried over from last year but some will be completely new to you, so here goes!

Makeup Trend #1 – Big Brows

Yes big brows are here to stay!  I personally love this trend and have worked hard to get my own brows looking as full and luscious as possible.  If you need more tips on how to achieve gorgeous big brows with the help of makeup, I will be posting a new blog very soon with lots of tips and advice on brows.

Makeup Trend #2 – Modern Mermaid

This is the fashion worlds term for even more luminous skin this year and again I completely love this trend.  To get a recap on how to achieve this look check out my November post on “Strobing“.

Makeup Trend #3 – Sun Stripping

This is a new one and it basically involves taking bronzer right across the nose and cheeks to achieve this ‘sun strip’ effect.  It’s a little extreme and won’t be for everyone, but it’s a fun way of getting a healthy glow to the skin and being bang on trend for 2016.

Makeup Trend #4 – Nude / Cherry Lips

The top coloured lips for this year are nude and cherry red.  Gorgeous!

Makeup Trend #5 – The Blue Eye

Not sure this is my favourite look of the year but yes blue eye makeup is back in fashion!  This is apparently going to be a huge trend.  Try experimenting with different blue eyeshadow palettes or simply switch to a blue mascara (which makes eyes look extra white) for a bit of fun.

Makeup Trend #6 – Sunset Eyes

Sunset eyes basically means pastel colours on the eyes – you could use a blusher palette for this – a lovely coral blusher all over the eyelid would be perfect.

Makeup Trend #7 – 90’s Liner

This is so easy, as it doesn’t need to be perfect.  Simply apply close to the lashes all around the eye and then blend with a cotton bud.

Makeup Trend #8 – The Colour Block Eye

The colour block eye is where you square off your eyeshadow rather than blending it through so use hard brush not fluffy to get that unblended, squared off effect.

Makeup Trend #9 – Lash It Up

Yes big lashes are here to stay and the bigger the better.  Try using a primer under your mascara for maximum glamour.  Or to bring your false lashes bang up to date, try experimenting by applying them only on the centre of the eyes.

Makeup Trend #10 – Glitter!!!

Glitter is huge this year! Apply to the centre of eyes with a clear lip gloss underneath or try a glitter eyeliner.  You can even use craft glitter and apply big glitter particles to your cheeks or lips.




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Why book a makeup lesson? Makeup Lesson Harrogate

makeup lesson harrogate

Why book a makeup lesson? Makeup Lesson Harrogate

I firmly believe every woman should have at least one makeup lesson in her lifetime.

Many of the women I meet would like to become more confident or adventurous with their makeup but are not quite sure how to go about it. It is my mission to offer a positive, friendly and un-intimidating experience so they can learn how to apply make-up like a pro in easy to follow steps. I absolutely love seeing the confidence women gain when they realise that by applying a little bit of makeup, with the right techniques, they can look the best they’ve ever looked.

makeup lesson harrogate yorkshire

Why A Makeup Lesson Can Change Your Life…

1. It will give you a massive confidence boost!!!

2. If you have a special occasion coming up it will give you the tools to ensure you look your very best.

3. It will make you realise that you CAN look really good every day, no exceptions (even when you’re exhausted!)

4. It will keep you bang up to date with the latest makeup trends.

5. You will stop wasting money on all the wrong makeup products and you will only invest in a few key products.

6. You will save precious time every day as you will know exactly what techniques to use to look fabulous.

AAA Mel England

7. You could buy someone you LOVE the amazing gift of a makeup lesson, boosting their confidence too!

8. You could do a makeup lesson with a friend or group of friends – all learning a new skill together in a friendly environment, having fun!

Makeup Lesson Harrogate, Yorkshire – available for women of all ages and skill levels welcome. For more information or to book a lesson, visit my site:

Happy 2016!
Mel x

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Christmas Party Makeup!

Yay Christmas is actually here and the party season is well and truly upon us!

This is the time of year when you can and should really let your hair down (make-up wise) and enjoy having fun with make-up, daring to express yourself just a little bit more than you might normally do.

There are so many different make-up looks to go for for a big night out, but let’s split them into 2 make-up camps to make things as easy as possible.

  1. Strong eyes – smokey eye/glitterOlivia-Palermo_glamour_21oct15_rex-b_720x1080

  2. Strong lips – bright or dark lip colour













Either way, you’ll want to get your base looking gorgeous – check out my recent post on “strobing” to make sure you are on trend this season with beautiful dewy, shimmery skin.

Once you’ve decided whether to go for eyes or lips, here are some of my top tips to help you on your way…

Smokey/Glitter Eyes

My Quick 5 Step Guide:

  • Do your eyes before your base so you don’t have to worry about your eyeshadows dropping down and ruining your makeup
  • Apply an eye primer/base before you start applying any colour, this will help your makeup stay on all night
  • Go for a 3 eyeshadow colour palette in brown/gold/bronze shades 1) highlight under the brows and a little around the tear ducts 2) apply a mid tone all over the eyelid 3) use a darker colour to emphasise the eye socket area then apply a little bit of glitter eyeshadow with your finger to the centre of the eyelid to create a pop of drama
  • Use a black or dark brown eyeliner inside your waterline and above and below your lashes – smudge and blend with a bit of your darkest eye shadow
  • Apply tons of mascara and either curl your lashes (before you apply mascara) or apply fabulous false lashes for full on glamour











Bright/Dark Lips

My Quick 5 Step Guide:

  • Keep your eyes less dramatic so the emphasis will be on your amazing lips
  • If you are opting for a bright lip, think about whether you suit warm or cool colours – do you tan and have a yellow undertone? then go for a warm red or pink – don’t tan and have a pink undertone? go for cool pinks or reds
  • For a sultry dark lip colour check out my recent post on some stunning Autumn/Winter 2015 lipsticks for inspiration.
  • To ensure your lip colour stays on all night, apply a lip pencil all over the lips to create an “undercoat”
  • Apply with a brush for a more precise finish

professional make-up artist









I have really enjoyed passing on some of my make-up know-how to you during 2015! For a more in-depth make-up lesson with me or for beautiful wedding make-up please visit my website for more information.

Have a fantastic Christmas 2015!

Mel England
Professional Make-up Artist


Autumn/Winter Makeup Tips

It’s finally December and I’ve noticed over the past week or two how different I’m feeling in the mornings about my clothes and makeup choices.  I’ve decided to embrace my paleness rather than trying to cheat the change in seasons with self tan and I am feeling more drawn to all those sumptuous autumn/winter colours; berries, purples, burgundies and khaki greens.

So how does the change in seasons affect your makeup?  From now on we will all no doubt be cranking up the central heating then going outside into the cold weather so our skin will be drier and lips will be constantly chapped.


My Top 10 Autumn/Winter Makeup Tips

  1. Invest in a really good moisturiser that suits your skin type (get some inspiration from this article by Harpers Bazaar)
  2. Work with your paler skin and resist the temptation to bronze too much
  3. Check your foundation still matches your skin tone (test on your chin) – mix two colours together if you’re an ‘in-between’ colour
  4. Make sure your concealer also matches your paler skin (if not you will look ‘patchy’)
  5. Use plenty of lip balm (my favourite is Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream)
  6. Be bold and go for a darker lip colour (more on my favourite autumn/winter lipsticks below)
  7. Avoid frosty colours and anything in the pastel colour range
  8. Soft brown or grey smokey eyes will look great at this time of year
  9. This is definitely the season to perfect your flicked eyeliner look (for more information check out my recent blog on the best eyeliners)
  10. For full on glamour – apply some fabulous false lashes! (look out for my up and coming blog on Christmas Party Makeup…)


Autumn/Winter Lipsticks

It’s all about strong lips for the AW15 season… some of my favourites are:

  1. Charlotte Tilbury’s Night Crimson
  2. Ariane Poole’s Luxury Matte Lipstick Red Carpet Red
  3. Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick 753 Continental
  4. Rimmel London The Only 1 Lipstick Under My Spell

Best wishes,

Mel x



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