Every woman has the odd slump where she feels at a low ebb, or needs a quick confidence boost.

I know I do! And lots of my clients do too…

5 Quick Ways To Feel Good:

Makeup Lessons

1. Have a Makeup Lesson

Many women get really stuck in a rut with their Makeup and don’t know where to turn. Which is why I offer Makeup Lessons either one-on-one or in groups. I love the way my clients feel so much more empowered after one of my lessons where they learn lots of easy techniques and tricks of the trade. Makeup Lessons are also great as a gift for a woman in your life who is need of a much needed confidence boost.  Check out my website for more information on: www.melenglandmakeup.com

Personal Stylist Keri Whitaker600x300

2. Treat yourself to a session with Personal Stylist / Personal Shopper

I can highly recommend Thimble & Thread based in Harrogate www.thimbleandthread.co.uk.  Keri Bailey is a lovely, warm lady who genuinely loves helping women of all ages learn what clothes suit their body shape, how to put outfits together and how to accessorise.  She can also help you organise your wardrobe. And she offers a Personal Shopping service which is good fun and in the end saves you money from all those expensive shopping mistakes.

Kimberley Ellis Hair

3. Have a Really Good Haircut

A good haircut can make you feel soooo much more human! When you’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps there’s nothing better than having a really good hair cut (and even better if you have a colour refresh at the same time!) I work with a fantastic Harrogate hairdresser, Kim Louise Ellis who as well as cuts and colour also specialises in Special Occasions and Wedding Hair. You can contact Kimvia https://www.facebook.com/KimLouiseHairAndBeauty.

Shana Harrison

4. Book An Eyelash Lift

I recently had an LVL Lash Lift on my eyelashes by Shana Harrison which I am now completely addicted to! This treatment lifts your lashes from the roots straight up which makes them look incredibly long & full without the need to use eyelash curlers or even mascara.  Check out this video of Lisa Eldridge having the treatment done: Lisa Eldridge Video LVL Lash Lift for more information on how it works.  This treatment is available in Harrogate via Shana Harrison, check her out on: https://www.facebook.com/StudioShana.

Kristen McKenzie5. Treat Yourself To A Pampering Massage

One of the best ways to put life and all of it’s ups and downs into perspective is to treat yourself to a lovely, relaxing massage. About a year ago I was getting constant headaches, so I booked a weekly session with wonderful Harrogate Massage Therapist, Kristen B McKenzie.  Those massages made such a difference to my feeling of wellbeing and I highly recommend anyone who is feeling the pressure of daily life, go and treat yourself to a session with Kristen via: www.harrogatemassagetherapy.co.uk.

And all of these lovely women love helping other women!  How cool is that?

Mel x