Spring Makeup

I have just got back from a lovely trip to Amsterdam and there is definitely a hint of Spring in the air… finally!  The daffodils and crocuses are peeking through and there is a stronger warmth in the sun, when it does decide to show it’s face.  So, what does that mean? Spring makeup! ?

spring blossom

We are slowly moving away from the darker shades that dominated Autumn and Winter, I’m sure you will have noticed that the shops are full of spring colours and lighter fabrics too.

gold eyeshadow

Spring makeup is all about corals, pinks and golds. And a big trend for 2016 is ‘Sunset Eyes’ which basically means pastel colours on the eyes – for this you could use a blusher palette  – for example a lovely coral blusher all over the eyelid would be perfect.  For more information on 2016 makeup trends click here.


Eye Makeup

spring makeupHow to achieve this lovely Spring eye makeup in 6 easy steps:

  1. Apply an eye primer all over the eye area
  2. Apply gold eyeshadow all over the lid using a flat eyeshadow brush
  3. Apply a dark brown eyeshadow into the crease using a small blending brush and apply a little bit to the outer corner of the lid
  4. Apply a black eyeliner close to the lashes
  5. Using a large fluffy eyeshadow brush or a small cheek brush, sweep a coral/pink blusher above the crease & a little bit under the eye towards the outer corner
  6. Apply lots of black mascara

Worried you can’t achieve this on your own? Help is at hand with my makeup lessons and wedding makeup service.

black eyeliner


Spring Hair Styles

What to do with your hair for Spring? Check out these pics from the latest fashion shows which feature fringes, braids and twists!

spring hair

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to changing my look a bit for Spring… I’ve just ordered myself some wedges online in anticipation for some less chilly weather and I’m loving all the bohemian, fringed clothes that are in the shops at the moment.

I think the reason I love Spring so much is that my colours are Clear, Spring so I suit warm, fresh, clear/bright colours.  Do you know what your colours are?  If not, check out my blog on having your colours done (a service I provide – see more here).

Have a lovely Spring!

Best wishes,

Mel x



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