I have fairly pale skin, which on the whole I’m very happy with, but at this time of year I am sooo pale naturally that I can look a little translucent.  So I usually apply a little bit of tinted mousse which washes off in the shower (my fave has been No. 7 Self Tan Mousse).  However I have recently tried another tanning product which is amazing as it goes on like a tinted mousse then develops and stays put for 7 days streak free.

It’s the Skinny Tan Mousse – which is getting amazing reviews all over the world after being on Dragon’s Den.

I think it’s probably the best Self Tan I’ve ever used – it glides on beautifully, is made with natural ingredients, smells of coconuts and lasts for approx 7 days! Amazing! Check their website out here: https://www.skinnytan.co.uk.

tanning image

Obviously using a self tanning product will effect the colour of foundation you need to use so ideally you will need to use a darker shade.  However if you don’t have one, apply plenty of bronzer to the cheeks, forehead and across the bridge of the nose (something like the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder would be perfect).

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