As a Professional Makeup Artist I am a big fan of eyelid primers so I thought I’d talk a little bit about which ones I like best and why.

I find my clients often skip this step with their make-up routine, but it can make all the difference in the world in how professional and long lasting your eye make-up looks.

So what is an eyelid primer?

An eyelid primer acts as a base for your eye make-up. It it will also prevent creasing, help your eye shadow blend more professionally and help your eye make-up stay put longer.

My Top 3 Eyelid Primer Recommendations:

Ariane Poole’s Eye Shine:

This fabulous product comes in 7 different colours and looks amazing either on it’s own or as a primer. it is a quick-drying liquid shadow that glides on effortlessly to wash eyes in sheer, radiant colour. My favourite and Ariane’s best selling eye shine is Crystal Taupe which is a chameleon shade that works beautifully on any eye colour.

Check out Ariane’s video on this product for more information.

Buy this product now.

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Mac’s Paint Pots:

These little pots are applied with an eye shadow brush or with fingers.  My favourite colours are ‘Groundwork’ & ‘Painterly’.  Groundwork is brilliant if applied prior to creating a smoky eye look and ‘Painterly’ is great for a very natural ‘no makeup makeup’ look.

mac paint pot






Urban Decay’s Primer Potion:

This primer is great for every day, its sheer creamy texture is lovely and it’s great at controlling creasing on the eyelids and sockets.

urban decay







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