I’ve been busy this last week doing makeup for the School Proms in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Prom season is always good fun but sometimes fraught with tension as there is a lot of pressure on teens to have the perfect dress, hair & makeup. One of my clients; a gorgeous 16 year old girl was in tears when she arrived for her makeup, as her hair ‘up do’ had gone wrong. So her mum was rushing her to a second hairdressers’ appointment that day to get her hair re-done in time for her Prom.

All this got me thinking about how much pressure teens are under to look good and how a little bit of ‘know how’ in the makeup department can be a very valuable thing indeed.

I truly believe teenager girls can and should feel just as confident with no makeup or very little makeup, but let’s face it, teenagers are faced with an onslaught of beauty perfection from all areas of the media and therefore are bound to feel a pressure to look as good as the pop stars that have a team of stylists, makeup and hair people on hand.

About half of my work as a Professional Makeup Artist is Bridal Makeup (which I love) and the other half is Makeup Lessons, which I am massively passionate about. I love helping other women feel as gorgeous as they possibly can, and a Makeup Lesson can be a very empowering way of doing that.

I have conducted lessons for women of all ages and from complete beginners to makeup fanatics and one of the most satisfying is definitely Teenager Makeup Lessons.

On the agenda at one of my Teenager Makeup Lessons are usually:

Teenager Makeup Lesson Harrogate

1) How to cover up spots without drawing attention to them
2) How to choose the perfect foundation that won’t look like a mask
3) Simple eye techniques to compliment your eye colour
4) Ways to add glamour to your makeup look for party season
5) Colour selection (cheeks, lips, eyes)

Sometimes it’s nice if a teenager comes along with her mum for a ‘joint lesson’ if she is a bit unsure or shy about coming to see a complete stranger on her own. That way mum can learn too and they can agree what makeup she may need to buy after our session.

Teenager Makeup Lesson Harrogate – For more information about Mel’s Lessons or Bridal Makeup contact Mel England Makeup at www.melenglandmakeup.com.

Mel x