I am a Harrogate Make-up Artist who specialises in bridal make-up and make-up lessons and a really common eye shape I come across in my clients is a ‘hooded eye’.  In fact I have slightly hooded eyes myself.  I didn’t used to.  But as I’ve got older my eye shape has changed and things have sort of ‘dropped a bit’.  So exactly what are hooded eyes I hear you asking? Hooded eyes are when a fold of skin hangs over which obscures the socket line and shrinks the eyelids. This happens in varying degrees and is sometimes due to the ageing process, but not always, it’s actually a very common eye shape in all ages.  Having hooded eyes can make applying eye make-up harder but help is at hand and there are lots of ways to enhance your eyes beautifully.

By the way, lots of gorgeous women have hooded eyes.  Including some young ones, such as Taylor Swift pictured below.  Also Emma Stone, Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

hooded eyes






How to do make-up for hooded eyes:

When applying make-up for hooded eyes it is really important to apply your eye make-up when your eyes are open.  Before you start, look straight ahead and relax your eyes and brows.

Use matt colours

Matt colours absorb light which will give the effect of a deeper socket (shimmery colours reflect light and bring things forward which can make hooded eyes look even more hooded).

Blend your eye shadow above the socket

Relax your eyes and sweep on the eye shadow so that it is visible above the socket (I usually make a little mark then blend up to that point).

Keep your eyeliner close to the lash line

By keeping your eye liner either very close to the lashes or in the top waterline, it will make your eye lids look as large as possible.  You might need to avoid winged eye liner unfortunately as often the hood will cover the winged effect – but that depends on how hooded your eyes are.

Apply highlighter close to your brows

It’s OK to apply a shimmery or matt highlighter under the brows, but be careful not to come too low as this will again make the hooded area appear larger.

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