It can be soooo confusing choosing the perfect lipstick colour!  Often women know when something doesn’t look good, but they’re not sure how to figure out what does look good.

As a Freelance Makeup Artist, I deal with clients on a daily basis who are either having a consultation for their wedding makeup or having a makeup lesson.  I send my clients a brief questionnaire so I have a good idea what they’re hoping to achieve beforehand.  Then as part of their consultation, I explain that I generally leave lip colour till last as I like to see how to rest of their makeup balances out first.

Lipstick Makeup Artist North Yorkshire

I find that landing on the perfect lipstick is the decision people find the hardest to make. So I guide them through their best options and the different factors that need to be taken into account.  Here are some of my thoughts on choosing the perfect lipstick whether it’s bridal makeup, for every day or for a party/night out.


  1. Make sure your lipstick doesn’t clash with the bridemaids dresses or your flowers
  2. If you have thin lips, avoid too dark a lip colour
  3. Try a gloss finish to give the illusion of plumper lips
  4. Work out if you have cool or warm colouring – try taking this quick quiz to find out…
  5. If you have cooler undertones stick to cooler shades such as hot or rose pink
  6. If you have warm undertones stick to warmer shades such as corals, peaches and warm reds
  7. If you never wear lipstick go for something sheer that isn’t drastically different from your actual lip colour
  8. For an elegant but neutral look opt for a nude lipstick or lipgloss


  1. Mac’s Plink! Lipstick – a neutral pink perfect for bridal makeup & it seems to suit everyone
  2. Ariane Poole’s Hydrating Lip Balm in Pink Lemonade – a warm coral, which is sheer and smells amazing!
  3. Charlotte Tilbury’s Penelope Pink Lipstick – a sophisticated nude lipstick
  4. Rimmel’s 006 Pink Blush – a cool pink, sexy and flirty

That’s it for now!
Have fun choosing lipsticks ladies x

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