Christmas Party Makeup!

Yay Christmas is actually here and the party season is well and truly upon us!

This is the time of year when you can and should really let your hair down (make-up wise) and enjoy having fun with make-up, daring to express yourself just a little bit more than you might normally do.

There are so many different make-up looks to go for for a big night out, but let’s split them into 2 make-up camps to make things as easy as possible.

  1. Strong eyes – smokey eye/glitterOlivia-Palermo_glamour_21oct15_rex-b_720x1080

  2. Strong lips – bright or dark lip colour













Either way, you’ll want to get your base looking gorgeous – check out my recent post on “strobing” to make sure you are on trend this season with beautiful dewy, shimmery skin.

Once you’ve decided whether to go for eyes or lips, here are some of my top tips to help you on your way…

Smokey/Glitter Eyes

My Quick 5 Step Guide:

  • Do your eyes before your base so you don’t have to worry about your eyeshadows dropping down and ruining your makeup
  • Apply an eye primer/base before you start applying any colour, this will help your makeup stay on all night
  • Go for a 3 eyeshadow colour palette in brown/gold/bronze shades 1) highlight under the brows and a little around the tear ducts 2) apply a mid tone all over the eyelid 3) use a darker colour to emphasise the eye socket area then apply a little bit of glitter eyeshadow with your finger to the centre of the eyelid to create a pop of drama
  • Use a black or dark brown eyeliner inside your waterline and above and below your lashes – smudge and blend with a bit of your darkest eye shadow
  • Apply tons of mascara and either curl your lashes (before you apply mascara) or apply fabulous false lashes for full on glamour











Bright/Dark Lips

My Quick 5 Step Guide:

  • Keep your eyes less dramatic so the emphasis will be on your amazing lips
  • If you are opting for a bright lip, think about whether you suit warm or cool colours – do you tan and have a yellow undertone? then go for a warm red or pink – don’t tan and have a pink undertone? go for cool pinks or reds
  • For a sultry dark lip colour check out my recent post on some stunning Autumn/Winter 2015 lipsticks for inspiration.
  • To ensure your lip colour stays on all night, apply a lip pencil all over the lips to create an “undercoat”
  • Apply with a brush for a more precise finish

professional make-up artist









I have really enjoyed passing on some of my make-up know-how to you during 2015! For a more in-depth make-up lesson with me or for beautiful wedding make-up please visit my website for more information.

Have a fantastic Christmas 2015!

Mel England
Professional Make-up Artist


Autumn/Winter Makeup Tips

It’s finally December and I’ve noticed over the past week or two how different I’m feeling in the mornings about my clothes and makeup choices.  I’ve decided to embrace my paleness rather than trying to cheat the change in seasons with self tan and I am feeling more drawn to all those sumptuous autumn/winter colours; berries, purples, burgundies and khaki greens.

So how does the change in seasons affect your makeup?  From now on we will all no doubt be cranking up the central heating then going outside into the cold weather so our skin will be drier and lips will be constantly chapped.


My Top 10 Autumn/Winter Makeup Tips

  1. Invest in a really good moisturiser that suits your skin type (get some inspiration from this article by Harpers Bazaar)
  2. Work with your paler skin and resist the temptation to bronze too much
  3. Check your foundation still matches your skin tone (test on your chin) – mix two colours together if you’re an ‘in-between’ colour
  4. Make sure your concealer also matches your paler skin (if not you will look ‘patchy’)
  5. Use plenty of lip balm (my favourite is Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream)
  6. Be bold and go for a darker lip colour (more on my favourite autumn/winter lipsticks below)
  7. Avoid frosty colours and anything in the pastel colour range
  8. Soft brown or grey smokey eyes will look great at this time of year
  9. This is definitely the season to perfect your flicked eyeliner look (for more information check out my recent blog on the best eyeliners)
  10. For full on glamour – apply some fabulous false lashes! (look out for my up and coming blog on Christmas Party Makeup…)


Autumn/Winter Lipsticks

It’s all about strong lips for the AW15 season… some of my favourites are:

  1. Charlotte Tilbury’s Night Crimson
  2. Ariane Poole’s Luxury Matte Lipstick Red Carpet Red
  3. Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick 753 Continental
  4. Rimmel London The Only 1 Lipstick Under My Spell

Best wishes,

Mel x



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