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I’ve been busy this last week doing makeup for the School Proms in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Prom season is always good fun but sometimes fraught with tension as there is a lot of pressure on teens to have the perfect dress, hair & makeup. One of my clients; a gorgeous 16 year old girl was in tears when she arrived for her makeup, as her hair ‘up do’ had gone wrong. So her mum was rushing her to a second hairdressers’ appointment that day to get her hair re-done in time for her Prom.

All this got me thinking about how much pressure teens are under to look good and how a little bit of ‘know how’ in the makeup department can be a very valuable thing indeed.

I truly believe teenager girls can and should feel just as confident with no makeup or very little makeup, but let’s face it, teenagers are faced with an onslaught of beauty perfection from all areas of the media and therefore are bound to feel a pressure to look as good as the pop stars that have a team of stylists, makeup and hair people on hand.

About half of my work as a Professional Makeup Artist is Bridal Makeup (which I love) and the other half is Makeup Lessons, which I am massively passionate about. I love helping other women feel as gorgeous as they possibly can, and a Makeup Lesson can be a very empowering way of doing that.

I have conducted lessons for women of all ages and from complete beginners to makeup fanatics and one of the most satisfying is definitely Teenager Makeup Lessons.

On the agenda at one of my Teenager Makeup Lessons are usually:

Teenager Makeup Lesson Harrogate

1) How to cover up spots without drawing attention to them
2) How to choose the perfect foundation that won’t look like a mask
3) Simple eye techniques to compliment your eye colour
4) Ways to add glamour to your makeup look for party season
5) Colour selection (cheeks, lips, eyes)

Sometimes it’s nice if a teenager comes along with her mum for a ‘joint lesson’ if she is a bit unsure or shy about coming to see a complete stranger on her own. That way mum can learn too and they can agree what makeup she may need to buy after our session.

Teenager Makeup Lesson Harrogate – For more information about Mel’s Lessons or Bridal Makeup contact Mel England Makeup at www.melenglandmakeup.com.

Mel x

Makeup Bag Detox

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How to do a Makeup Bag Detox

As a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist, I offer private makeup lessons to clients from all age groups at all levels. And a fun but crucial part of what I do involves helping my clients sort out their makeup with a “Makeup Bag Detox”. I know if my own makeup bag feels cluttered or messy or I have the wrong things in it, I feel really disorganised.

freelance professional make-up artist harrogate

To help you do your own Makeup Bag Detox, here are some of my top tips:

1) Empty everything out and put into sections: brushes, eyes, cheeks, lips, pencils etc.

2) Throw away everything that is either empty or broken or that you haven’t used for 2 years or more. Most makeup
is safe to use for 2 years, after that it’s probably best to throw them out.

3) Take a good look at your brushes and throw away any that are really past their best. The rest will probably need a good wash so wash them in anti-bacterial hand wash under a hot tap and dry them flat on a towel. (For really dirty foundation brushes use a bit of washing up liquid as this will dissolve all the grease that has built up).

4) Test your mascaras to see how fresh they are by pulling the brush out and listening out for a lovely “slurp” sound. If there’s no sound, your mascara has probably dried out and should be thrown away. Mascaras are only really at their best for 2-3 months.

5) Take a look at your makeup and see if there are any obvious gaps. Maybe you have loads of eyeshadows but no lipsticks? Start a list of makeup you feel you need to buy. Do you have a primer? If not, maybe it’s time to try one. Check out this article by Vogue, which will help guide you on the best primer for you: Best Primers Article by Vogue.

6) Now onto your foundations: are you happy with yours? If yes then great, but if you feel you need to try something new, check out my advice on choosing the right foundation: How to choose the right foundation.

7) Finally sharpen all your pencils and throw any away that have lost their lids as they will now be too dry to use. (Make sure you always keep the lids on your pencils so they don’t dry out).

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Mel x

Everything you need to know about choosing a Makeup Artist

Wedding Makeup Harrogate

…for your Wedding Day)

Having your makeup done by a Professional Makeup Artist is by far the best way of ensuring you look and feel the best version of yourself on your wedding day. It will also make sure your makeup stays put all day and looks flawless in your wedding photos.

So how do you go about finding the best Makeup Artist for you?

Here are my TOP 11 TIPS:

1) Ask your friends, family, co-workers and hairdresser if they can recommend a good makeup artist that specialises in Bridal Makeup.

2) It is really important that you look for a Makeup Artist that specialises in Bridal Makeup – they will know how to make you look your most beautiful and how to make sure the makeup is long-lasting and looks flawless in photos.

3) Search on google for your local area, such as: “Makeup Artist Leeds” or “Bridal Makeup Artist Harrogate”. This will help ensure they are familiar with local venues and hairdressers and are less likely to add travel costs too.

Makeup Artist Leeds - Wedding Makeup

4) Warning: do not go for the cheapest option, this is the most important day of your life and as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

5) Check each Makeup Artists’ credentials: what are her qualifications and how much experience does she have in Wedding Makeup?

6) Look at the photo gallery on her website and check to see if her makeup style is something that fits well with you & your vision for the day.

7) Check her previous clients’ reviews and testimonials. Look out for comments like “I felt my most beautiful” or “thank you for being so attentive with my mother in law”.

8) Contact 3 Makeup Artists that you’ve shortlisted and take into account their speediness when replying to you and also their tone and manner. If they’re friendly and efficient on email or the phone, they’re likely to be like that in person too.

9) Important: always have a wedding makeup trial. This is vitally important to make sure you love the makeup on the day.

10) Take lots of magazine cuttings to your trial so that the Makeup Artist can get a good feel for your preferred makeup look. If I see a stark difference between the photos a bride brings me, it prompts me to ask lots more questions to help her really define what it is she wants.

11) Don’t worry about offending a Makeup Artist at your trial. A true professional won’t mind at all if you have some changes and tweaks to the makeup.

I hope this Blog Post helps you make the best choice for your big day! X

Mel England – Makeup Artist Leeds, Harrogate, Ripon (& the North Yorkshire area)

Makeup Artist North Yorkshire – Choosing the perfect lipstick

Makeup Artist North Yorkshire

It can be soooo confusing choosing the perfect lipstick colour!  Often women know when something doesn’t look good, but they’re not sure how to figure out what does look good.

As a Freelance Makeup Artist, I deal with clients on a daily basis who are either having a consultation for their wedding makeup or having a makeup lesson.  I send my clients a brief questionnaire so I have a good idea what they’re hoping to achieve beforehand.  Then as part of their consultation, I explain that I generally leave lip colour till last as I like to see how to rest of their makeup balances out first.

Lipstick Makeup Artist North Yorkshire

I find that landing on the perfect lipstick is the decision people find the hardest to make. So I guide them through their best options and the different factors that need to be taken into account.  Here are some of my thoughts on choosing the perfect lipstick whether it’s bridal makeup, for every day or for a party/night out.


  1. Make sure your lipstick doesn’t clash with the bridemaids dresses or your flowers
  2. If you have thin lips, avoid too dark a lip colour
  3. Try a gloss finish to give the illusion of plumper lips
  4. Work out if you have cool or warm colouring – try taking this quick quiz to find out… https://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Warm-Cool-Undertones-Quiz-1843402.
  5. If you have cooler undertones stick to cooler shades such as hot or rose pink
  6. If you have warm undertones stick to warmer shades such as corals, peaches and warm reds
  7. If you never wear lipstick go for something sheer that isn’t drastically different from your actual lip colour
  8. For an elegant but neutral look opt for a nude lipstick or lipgloss


  1. Mac’s Plink! Lipstick – a neutral pink perfect for bridal makeup & it seems to suit everyone
  2. Ariane Poole’s Hydrating Lip Balm in Pink Lemonade – a warm coral, which is sheer and smells amazing!
  3. Charlotte Tilbury’s Penelope Pink Lipstick – a sophisticated nude lipstick
  4. Rimmel’s 006 Pink Blush – a cool pink, sexy and flirty

That’s it for now!
Have fun choosing lipsticks ladies x

For more tips and advice contact www.melenglandmakeup.com to book a Makeup Lesson or Bridal Makeup.

Makeup Artist North Yorkshire, Harrogate, Leeds.

Wedding Makeup Harrogate – Advice for Oily Skin

wedding makeup harrogate

As a Professional Makeup Artist I get lots of questions about how to achieve long lasting wedding makeup for oily skin, particularly in hot weather which can often make matters worse.

This is a really common problem but there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your makeup lasts all day.

My Top 4 steps are:

1. Firstly I recommend you apply a mattifying toning lotion to clean skin, which will help absorb excess oil and leave skin shine-free. I like Avene’s Clearance Toner.

2. Next apply an oil free primer before your foundation, this will ensure your makeup stays put and keeps the oil at bay all day. My favourite is: Laura Mercier’s Oil Free Primer.

3. Use a long-lasting matte foundation such as Estee Lauder’s Double Wear. This has 15 hour staying power and will look fresh and shine free through heat and humidity. A little goes a long way so use sparingly for a natural effect.

4. Finish off by applying a light dusting of powder all over the face, paying particular attention to the nose, chin and forehead. Every Makeup Artist’s favourite is: Chanel’s Poudre Universelle as it has the most divine texture.

By following these 4 simple steps your wedding makeup will look beautiful, shine-free and will last all day!

For more Wedding Makeup Advice or to book Mel for a Wedding Makeup Consultation go to: www.melenglandmakeup.com

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Mel x